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I introduce the impression that worked on business of growth of world ventures being great this time and world ventures.

At first the growth of the company was a great talk, but the world ventures were ranked the 25th place on sales scale of 2016 all over the world in a company of (direct marketing).

It was sales amount $ 926.6million = 103,732,850,000 yen.


DSN Announces the 2017 Global 100! — Direct Selling News

2017 DSN Announces the Global 100! — It became the first place by 927% of growth as a stable growth company in Direct Selling News 2009 through

2016, and it was in the twelfth place by the ranking of the United States company.

There is bad reputation in very stable company , the net, but is entirely negligible stature.

After all I think that it is business opportunity now

This having new possibilities is the card which great world ventures publish newly, but think that it is to the card which is convenient

in the card which there is a lot as of now most;, as for it, it is for a reward, besides, when introduce by a card, and make a card; think that a lot of uses it because is considerably a card with the needs.

Please confirm the detailed details of the card by an animation of YouTube.

Because it is English, I attach subtitles by setting of YouTube, and, please watch it and pick up an animation.


• I am interested in business of world ventures, and the next is the impression that I worked on.

Moon fee is necessary 120 dollars every month when I participate in one demerit business to boil business of world ventures.

Go for a trip; was pointed, but, as for the moon fee, the person who was good, and went to the trip was very advantageous, but was not

good, but four could introduce in threemonths, and it was for a reward now, and I wrestled in peace,but was anxious first (laugh), but

searched operation methodsin various ways, and heard it to a business friend, and, depending on a way of thinking, began it when the

person who did itdid not continue paying business accompanied by 100 dollarsa month like time when a fee paid , the trip point free in a

month when four introduced a fee in a month whenfour did not introduce because I was a PC novice; when fittedit, it was unexpectedly easy.

Because I wrestled seriously, I think about a sentence and I spread in SNS and made an effort, but feel it when I think now that I became able to make money when it was easier than thereal business.

The beginning surely included the uneasiness, but the friend of the group helped me and of I was saved.
If the top is more excellent, I serve as a reference in various ways and lead to a reward.

There was a reward system called where hadthe down that the top automatically introduced to oneself, but this business thought that the top was not more excellent because I could never expect it that selection of group was considerably important.

The business of world ventures is same as formerly, but thereare several groups.

When when I exchanged information with the rival person whogot to know in SNS, the one was a group different, but there are only two

though スピルオーバー begins it at the same time(゜ Д ゜;) I am reliable in all which my group which the selection of group is great, and is

important is Kafka direct の groupgoing on a trip because such a difference that I had around 25people (laugh) considerably influences an

income for men Talworking on business, and is including me whom is a lot who am excellent (laugh).

It is easy to earn world ventures most now while there is it now in MLM and thinks that it is a promising company.

Conventional business results of world ventures become the trustworthy evidence.

I cannot recommend other MLM very much. After all an original company is stable, and growth has a too big risk when I donot continue it to earn a right income.

I introduce business of world ventures with confidence.

Because because I do not mind even one with the interest, aquestion and a question, I cope with communication tweediness willingly in my line @.

Because I hear it in various ways and do not tell that I am persistent because it is one's judgment to decide participation.

I hope that I can conduct a business with everybody together.

Please respond to this.

The search ID is @ orj5150j; wait anytime. Please comment ifyou add it.

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